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What does a Medicare Advantage Plan Cost?

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C or MA for short, is a plan that is offered by a group of private companies, and is designed to replace the original “Medicare” offered in the past, and of course, still offered today. Finding the best Medicare Advantage Plan can feel overwhelming and complicated if you don’t have a little help.

That is why websites, such as Easy Medicare are available to help people easily and quickly find quotes for Medicare insurance, so they can get the coverage they need and get back to living their busy lives. But what are the costs of the different Medicare Advantage plans and what are the pros and cons of going this route with your Medicare needs? Read on below to find out a few answers to your many questions. 

What are the costs of Medicare Advantage plans?

Your out of pocket costs for Medicare Advantage plans depends on a few different factors, including on whether your plan has a monthly premium or not. It also includes factors, such as how much you have to pay for each visit, the doctor, and any other number of things that can vary by provider and state. The costs of plans varies from provider to provider, so your best option is to do your research to determine what is the best option for you. 

Now that you know a little about the cost of these plans, take a look at the pros and cons of the plans to help you make an informed decision as to whether a Medicare Advantage Plan is the best option for your medical insurance needs. A few pros and cons are listed below for your perusal. 

Pro: Often provides more benefits than original Medicare

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to switch to a Medicare Advantage plan is that these plans often offer more benefits that original Medicare can. The plans must offer at least the same amount of coverage as original Medicare, part A and part B, as well. In many cases, these added benefits can include the following.

  • Routine vision care
  • Routine dental care
  • Hearing aids
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Fitness center memberships
  • And more

The best way to determine if your provider offers these things is to talk to a representative to be sure. Determining which of these you will use, and which you won’t, will go a long way towards helping you choose the right plan for your needs. 

Con: Could limit your freedom of choice

One of the biggest drawbacks of choosing a Medicare Advantage plan is some plans can limit your freedom of choice when it comes to being able to choose your own healthcare providers. If you choose to go out of your network for healthcare, then it is possible that the visits and bills will not be covered by the Medicare Advantage plan you have chosen. 

Pro: The plans may cost you less

It is possible that the Medicare Advantage plan you choose could cost you less than you would normally pay. Some plans have premiums that cost you nothing, according to what you qualify for. Your cost sharing could also be lower and on many plans your maximum out of pocket costs can be significantly lower as well. The savings for many people is well-worth signing up for one of the plans. 

These are just a few details about the cost of Medicare Advantage plans and the pros and cons you should know about. Visit the website of Easy Medicare for more information and help choosing the right plan for you that you need. 

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