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How To Stay Cool and Safe in the Sun

The sun’s one of those deceivingly dangerous, beautiful treasures that we’re able to experience in this life. You’re not alone if you’ve given yourself over to maddening temptations, where you tossed rationality out the window and dove headlong into outdoor activities that left you burnt and dehydrated from all that unprotected time under the sun. The thing about it, though, is that you can still enjoy all that the sun and its radiant waves of heat have to offer, without putting yourself in a compromising situation. We’ve taken the time to pull together a quick and effective list of ways that you can make sure you stay cool and safe in the sun.

1. Invest in a new floating umbrella for the pool.

Resist the urge to work on that suntan, and instead embrace the healthier lifestyle, where you’re able to safely spend plenty of time at the pool without putting your skin in a risky situation. You can sink right into this lifestyle by purchasing a handy new floating umbrella for pool. You might even go on to inspire friends and family to join up with the pool umbrella squad. The proper pool umbrella can even serve as its own kind of fashion statement.

2. Take cool-down breaks inside.

You’re not alone if you get caught up in the flow of losing track of how much time you’ve been playing around outside. This rings especially true if you’re someone who enjoys swimming around in the pool. It’s important to make a habit out of enjoying that cool air from your air conditioner every now and again though. If you’re caught up in a predicament where your HVAC unit is on the fritz, you should go ahead and look into AC repair in Cocoa Beach or your location. You’ll be able to count on friendly and professional service from this company. Their reviews section alone is lit up with the smiling faces of countless 5-star reviews. Whether you need a new system altogether, or if you’re just looking for some more basic AC repair, don’t hold off on getting that sorted out.

3. Always carry water on you.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re staying safe amidst all that crazy heat is to commit yourself to a consistent hydration regimen. You don’t want to be reaching for that water bottle when you’re already parched. No, the key is to get out ahead of the game. You want to keep a steady drip going with your water intake. You’ll need to be especially mindful of your hydration efforts when you participate in any water activities. There’s something about being cooled down in a pool, lake, or ocean, where you’re almost made oblivious to how badly your body needs more water. So, keep that water bottle close, and don’t ignore it for too long.

4. Don’t be shy about applying that sunscreen.

The sun’s busy casting out those harmful UV rays while you’re busy reveling in all of its warm glory. The crucial thing for you to do is to have your armor on in the form of sunscreen. Make sure that you double down with your sunscreen application efforts if you’re doing any swimming. The water has an uncanny knack for wearing away sunscreen.

We’ve provided a quick roundup on some ways that you can make sure that you’re staying safe while the sun is out working double-time. There’s no reason that you can’t enjoy the sun. You just need to take the extra measures to put yourself in the best position possible to have fun, without putting your health at risk.