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3 Reasons Why Nursing Students Choose Excelsior College as Their Top Choice

Whether you started in the workforce straight out of high school or are looking to make a career change, you may want to consider going for a college degree in nursing. After following the stories of college students post-graduation, it has been found that most—if not all—have reported being very satisfied that they went for their degree because they not only furthered their academic learning but learned a lot about themselves.

Many places of education feel more geared towards younger generations who don’t have the same responsibilities as adult learners. This is unfortunate, considering that 30 percent of undergraduates are adults. If you’re hesitant about going back to school, because of this kind of less-than-ideal environment for your life, don’t worry. There are high-quality places of education for nursing that were made specifically for learners like you. When searching for a place to receive your education, consider Excelsior College. Here are three reasons why nursing students choose Excelsior as their top choice.

The Age Average

Excelsior College is an exceptional institution that is regionally accredited, not-for-profit and has been around since 1971. Since its creation, this college has been focused on creating educational opportunities specifically for adult learners. This still holds true today, with the median age of their students being around 36 years old. If you have to participate in an online discussion in one of your nursing courses, your classmates will most likely have the same kind of life experience that you have. Not to say that younger students don’t have something to offer, but your life experience matters and will be evident in the makeup of class conversation.

Learning Around Your Schedule

Although they do have a campus in Albany, New York, most of your learning is remote online or through CD. This college really does understand that you have other commitments. This college offers courses that start every other month so that you can plan your courses around work, family, and other commitments.

Unlike other universities and colleges that ask for a large sum of money upfront for tuition, this program actually allows you to pay for your classes as you go, so that you can budget your nursing classes according to your life and needs. They also encourage getting financial aid through FAFSA and other routes like part-time study programs. If you or a family member was in the military, you may be eligible for tuition discounts as well. Lay the groundwork for your big career move while continuing to work your full-time or part-time job at Excelsior.

Coming in With Credit

Excelsior cares about the work you’ve already put in. If you started a nursing program but were unable to finish, Excelsior is all about starting you with more credit. You can even get credit from AP, CLEP, and DSST Exams or IT certification exams. Once you apply and are accepted, an admissions counselor will be able to answer any further questions you have about transferring credits. Why start all over when you can get your RN or MS with Excelsior even faster?

Excelsior has great career center resources to help you understand that transition into the nursing world. With helpful links to reference like RN to BSN FAQs, you can get the fast facts. For a more in-depth look, Excelsior provides you with a link to where you can find videos of nursing professionals speaking about their education, specialty, and how they prepared for their career. With these career center resources, you’re sure to have a solid, overall outlook on what you specifically want to do with your nursing degree. In a country where we need nurses more than ever, it’s a great time to get your degree. Excelsior makes it possible to obtain your goals on your own time. Consider joining the ranks of around 30,000 students enrolled and kickstart your future. You’ll be able to tend to your familial obligations and your nursing dreams at the same time.

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