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Who Pays for Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

Being involved in an auto accident is unnerving. Everything might be a mix of emotions, such as shock and confusion. Adrenaline rushes through your body and your mind runs a million miles an hour with panic and questions. Take a few deep breaths to bring yourself back into the moment. Call the police and EMTs will arrive to help you and the other parties, obtaining any information that’s needed. Once you are asked questions, you will be taken care of and checked out for any major injuries. Everything needs to be done correctly after an accident, even if it’s just a fender bender. Between all the activity surrounding you of sirens, lights and injured parties, you’re not in the right frame to think clearly. 

After the dust settles and you’re surrounded by loved ones and ER doctors, it may suddenly hit you: Who’s responsible for all these medical bills? The following information explains who’s responsible for the medical bills after a car accident.

What to Do Next

Once an accident has happened and the shock has worn off a little, the police and EMTs should be called to the scene. If any of the injured parties can’t move to exchange information, wait for authorities. Police will record all the information and piece together what happened. If possible, your family called to the scene can begin to record their individual evidence. Pictures of the conditions of the cars, license plate numbers, and talking to witnesses (if any). Evidence can speak when you can’t. There may have been circumstances that lead to the accident captured in photos or explained in the police report. Your lawyer will request all necessary papers such as police reports, witness statements, insurance paperwork, hospital bills, and other evidence collected at the scene.

When to Call a Lawyer

In California, 2018 statistics have motor vehicle fatalities on the rise, including those involving motorcycles. Even though wearing helmets lower injury statistics, many states don’t have or enforce helmet laws. Unfortunately, even if they do, bikers aren’t keen on wearing them though helmets help reduce head and spinal injuries about 69 percent and death by 42 percent. Southern California has made its way into the spotlight for years thanks to dangerous speeding. In recent years, distracted driving has been the reason for avoidable deaths and accidents all over the nation. If you find yourself involved in a car or motorcycle accident, discussing your case with a legal adviser such as a California motorcycle accident lawyer. They will help determine who was at fault for the accident. If it goes to court and you’re not at fault, your settlement could be substantial. However, until that day occurs, paying medical bills can build up quickly. 

Medical Insurance

You must have car insurance by law but it’s important to have for vehicle protection over your property and in the event of an accident. Your insurance provider will explain what you should purchase, such as liability insurance, collision, and coverage of other payouts. In the event of an accident, med pay (also known as quick pay) helps those who are injured immediately following an accident. If, for example, motorcycle accident involves two parties, all of you will receive paid medical help. Med pay is there for all parties immediately after the accident but only if it’s part of your auto insurance. Your lawyer will explain the policies and responsibilities. After the incident, the other party may sue you for additional difficulties. You could be dealing with everyday difficulties stemming from the accident. An attorney will help clarify if the other party has a case including if you do as well. Evidence of an alternative factor that caused the crash the day of the accident. The evidence will be reviewed properly by your lawyer in compliance with the case.

An auto accident can have drastic effects on you physically and emotionally. Dealing with a potential legal case can take months or years leaving you in a financial rut. During this time you’ll need money to cover medical expenses, paying personally for doctor visits. You can look into a short term plan, giving you coverage up to a year. Longer-term insurance is more expensive and minimally covers you for around three years. If you’d rather try short term, you can find a quote for short term health insurance online. You can compare different policies to see which one matches your situation. Your lawyer might be able to give an approximate time frame for a potential case, letting you opt for some health coverage for future needs. 

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