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Should I Renovate My Home Before Selling It?

Home renovations are often a great idea for those in the market to move out. But selecting spaces to prioritize in the home in order to maximize sale price can be tricky. The renovation process that comes before a home sale is all about infusing new value in the property that will boost the price that you receive on the actual sale. Making the home more comfortable, modern, or beautiful is a great goal for homeowners, but these approaches only serve your interests if they are going to bring up the price of the sale.

The truth is that renovations in advance of a home sale are just as much an investment as the property itself. Boosting the attractiveness of the space will draw in new buyers, but selecting action items that can add value to the space is essential. With this guide, you can find areas to add value while also working to sell the home as quickly as possible (a search for “sell quick California” can help get you started on staging and listing techniques). The sales process is a nuanced one that includes many facets, but the first for any homeowner in the market to sell and move on to a new property is the question of renovations.

Consider the kitchen for a makeover.


The kitchen is a favorite among homeowners looking to renovate and introduce new and exciting elements. For this reason, many people in the market to sell their properties look into options for kitchen remodeling in Tampa. Rebuilding the kitchen to include marble or granite countertops that are custom cut, a new cooking space, and even an island in the kitchen that unlocks creativity and potential can be a game-changer in the home. The kitchen provides the beating heart of the space, and it’s often located in the center of the property for this reason. Renovating the kitchen gives you the ability to reinvent the entire energy of the home for the better.

Many buyers appreciate a newly remodeled kitchen and will come to see the home on the strength of this one amenity alone. Homeowners in the U.S. spend more than $400 billion collectively on renovations every year, and much of this is pumped directly into the kitchen. Building a family-centric space that can act as the pivot point for the whole home is a great way to make the property more inviting and comforting for families of all ages, sizes, and interests.

Target exterior spaces for increased curb appeal.


The outside areas of the home are another great place to focus your upgrade energy. Renovations that create additional relaxation space outside in nature offer buyers a wonderful property that incorporates the natural surroundings that provide comfort and a unique peace of mind to the owner of the home. Studies have shown that time spent outdoors can decrease stress, boost energy and mood, and even help to regulate blood pressure. While the average home buyer might not know this, they often experience a tangible excitement about a home that includes a stunning backyard porch or pool and lounge area.

Include easy updates for a price boost.


Updates that are easy to incorporate are another main focus for those on the market. A new coat of paint, for instance, can increase the sale price by a few thousand dollars almost immediately. Painting is simple and can be done over the course of a weekend. Yet the benefit that a modern style and fresh paint job can provide is unparalleled, especially when stacked up against the actual work that must go into the project.

Consider these options for your next sale, and you won’t be sorry.