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Sex and Chronic Illness: All-Natural Tips for Women With Endometriosis

Pain during intercourse can cause plenty of problems concerning your relationship and your own body. Pelvis and autoimmune diseases such as endometriosis can create a spectrum of physical suffering. Endometriosis is a painful and ongoing condition where tissue that typically lines the uterus grows on other organs in the body.

Every day, young adolescent girls get their menstrual periods. This is when the tissues of the uterus shed every month. Normal menstrual cycles can last about 28 days but for women who suffer from endometriosis, there is no such thing as a “normal” period. Bleeding with endometriosis can be heavy enough to soak through tampons and pads in a few minutes. 

Women with endo can bleed for weeks and deal with life-altering conditions such as migraines, chronic body pain, nausea, bowel problems, and even fevers. To diagnose endometriosis, a certified doctor has to perform a laparoscopy. Endo can bind organs together causing the removal of these organs and in many cases, a hysterectomy. 

Chronic illnesses and disorders affect women with pelvic conditions differently. Some women go from pleasure to severe pain during sex. Some women experience irritation with products and toys designed to make sex better. Even penetration can inflame a woman’s pelvic area, sending her to the doctor or medicine cabinet for pain relief. 

Endo sufferers don’t have to shy away from sex or have a fear of intimacy. There are toys, products, and other items that may reduce sex-related pain. Endometriosis has no cure but there are some ways to try to have reduced or painless sex. 

Relationships can suffer from endometriosis, placing a strain on marriages and creating anger, resentment, and anxiety. You and your partner may be fighting more. For example, he doesn’t understand what you’re physically going through. Sympathy can be critical in a relationship that involves endometriosis. 

If your partner if open to looking at research, there are many medical sites to dive into explaining endometriosis. CBD and THC can be used to help calm your anxiety and pain before, during, and after sexual relations. It can also work with chronic pain and may reduce nausea which can happen after intercourse with endo. Medical marijuana can be prescribed for chronic pain patients (if legal in your state). 

Find a local medical group to discuss a pain plan to have in place for severe endo flares. You can create your own survival kit with items like CBD, OTC or prescription pain relievers, your favorite natural tampons and pads, and stick-on cooling or heating pads.

A product which may aid women to have less pain with sex is the OhNut. It comes in four individual, soft expandable rings that can fit together to make penetration less painful. You can experiment with the number of rings to find which combo works for you. The rings are made to fit around your partner’s penis (don’t worry boys, it’s stretchy!) and give you both a pleasurable time without the fear of you feeling any severe aching inside. It’s latex-free and can safely enter the body with, “FDA approved body-safe material”. OhNut can also be used for those with PCOS, cysts, fibroids, and pain from cancer treatments. 

Using sex toys to avoid penetration and wearing fun and flirty sexy lingerie can be just as fun and pleasurable as sex itself. Vibrators that stimulate externally can encourage a mind-blowing session with your partner. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices, you can find the best one for you. Beautifully discreet vibrators can be worn to complement your new lace underwear set or even out to dinner to tease your partner. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis and feel disheartened or afraid of your sex life, know there is still much possible pleasure in store. By experimenting with different products and learning what toys and antidotes soothe your pain, you can enjoy sex as well as the rest of them. Part of the diagnosis with a chronic illness is coming to peace with it—in the end, it helps make you who you are. 

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