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Easy Ways To Improve and Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Back pain can be incredibly difficult to deal with on a regular basis. There are a variety of conditions that can cause back pain, though common reasons for chronic back pain include aging, trauma, arthritis, and weight gain. Though some sources of back pain may not be treatable, you can still do a lot to manage your symptoms with the right products and some modest lifestyle adjustments. If you need help finding solutions, keep reading for some easy ways to improve and relieve chronic back pain.

What are some ways to relieve chronic back pain?


Sitting for long periods of time at work, particularly in an unsupportive chair, can significantly exacerbate a variety of back issues. Fortunately, there are new types of desks and chairs you can buy for your office or home office that can make your day more comfortable. Standing desks have become popular with many workers who feel better on their feet. You can even purchase an office treadmill desk if working out or moving around on a regular basis is something that you find helpful.

Data suggests that over 16 million American adults experience chronic back pain. You can find breathing exercises online that may ease the symptoms. When pain kicks in, deep breathing can help relax and take your focus off the feeling. You can look up specific techniques for breathing to manage pain, as well as looking into other stress management techniques like meditation. When you’re having a good day or aren’t experiencing too much pain, be careful not to overdo it. If you pace yourself, you’re less likely to experience a pain backlash.

You should be careful not to baby your back too much. Many people think that the best way to deal with chronic pain is to do nothing but rest and relax. While you are likely to need time to recover, you still need to get moving. Your doctor can give you a better idea of what activities you should try and how much time you should spend working out on a weekly basis. Using assistive devices like braces for longer than recommended can actually weaken your muscles and worsen your pain.

Should you plan any home improvements to help manage symptoms?


There are a number of home improvements that are worth considering if you have chronic back pain, especially if you expect to be dealing with pain on a long-term basis. The bathroom is one place that can be particularly dangerous if you’re looking to avoid worsening a back injury. There are several shower modifications that you may want to invest in, including a lower threshold, some type of seating, or a shower bar for balance. You can look for a contractor like this one that specializes in shower installation in Pittsburgh to discuss your specific needs and come up with a plan.

You should also look into your options for more supportive furniture for relaxation. Experts recommend a quality recliner, especially since sitting in a reclined position can alleviate pain. You may imagine that recliners are unwieldy or unattractive, but you can find a variety of stylish, modern designs that would look great in any room.

Your health care provider can give you the best recommendations for what lifestyle modifications and products you should consider when dealing with chronic back pain. What treatments are best may depend on the cause of your pain and what type of lifestyle you lead. Workplace accommodations like treadmill or standing desks are often a good idea, as are wellness techniques like deep breathing and meditation. If your chronic back pain is likely to continue on a long-term basis, you should also invest in home upgrades like an accessible shower and supportive furniture. Back pain isn’t easy to manage, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find every way you can to improve your quality of life.