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5 Sex Tips for Mature Couples

Even if older couples aren’t the highlight of most sex scenes in Hollywood movies, people of all ages are having great sex on a regular basis. Because intimacy and showing affection evolve as we age, there are some things to keep in mind while maintaining a healthy sex life with your partner (especially if you are over the age of 50).


1. Take your time.

As we age it often takes a little more time for us to feel aroused and get in the mood. Especially for women that are post-menopausal and experiencing decreased estrogen levels, foreplay is a must before intercourse due to her body producing less vaginal lubrication. A sexual moisturizer can be helpful as well.

Introducing toys into the bedroom might be uncharted waters for you and your partner, but simple toys such as a cock ring or a good vibrator can help turn up the passion. You can also try creams and sprays to increase your sensations and help you reach the finish line of the climax.

2. Fix sexual problems.

PE sex pills can provide several benefits for men of all ages, but older men are most susceptible to experiencing erectile dysfunction and other issues with a sexual performance like premature ejaculation. Some older men are still trying to figure out how to last longer in bed, and PE pills can help achieve that as well. Some of the issues that men experience with erectile dysfunction simply stem from having performance anxiety due to age. Other issues deal with your blood flow and body type. If you have sexual performance concerns, you should also consider visiting a urologist or sex therapist. They may suggest pelvic floor exercises, kegel exercises, and other simple techniques to help you reach the climax of each sex session.

As many couples age, due to either erectile dysfunction or a less lubricated vagina, some find withholding from intercourse and focusing instead on outercourse (stimulating each other without an expectation of penetration) can be an intimate form of arousal.

3. Wear something comfortable.

When women are in their 20s, 30s, and perhaps even 40s, they generally feel more comfortable wearing sexy, revealing lingerie. As women age, they often find it easier to become aroused when they are comfortable rather than covered in a few inches of lace. There are several different types of lingerie at your local lingerie store, so you might want to check out the section that has more modest and comfortable looking pieces, such as a simple bodysuit or sexy sleepwear. Some stores have bra and panty sets on clearance so consider this adjustment for the next time. Garters and swimwear can also be attractive, too.


4. Redefine intimacy.

Older couples often find that the definition of intimacy evolves as their relationship evolves over the years. Even if it’s a new relationship, older couples have a variety of intimate needs that need to be met in order to maintain a healthy sexual relationship.

Sex can be about much more than intercourse. Kissing, hugging, and even embracing one another can be extremely pleasurable as a shared experience with your partner. Sharing any type of affectionate contact with your partner can be just as rewarding as actual intercourse (rather than say, outercourse), and is often described as the best part of the experience.

When it comes to intercourse, changing up the positions can be extremely intimate because you and your partner are experiencing something new together and can learn more about each other’s needs.

5. Let go of reservations.

The most important thing to remember when having sex as a mature couple is that things simply won’t be the same as they were when your libidos and stamina were high on a regular basis. There is no point in dwelling on how things in the bedroom have been negatively impacted by age. Rather, try to focus on how things have changed in a positive way. This can get your sex life to the right place.

As a mature couple, you and your partner are older and wiser about sex in general. You have most likely found your likes, dislikes, boundaries, and limitations in that department.

Own your older age in the bedroom, not the other way around!