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5 Rules for a Leaner Body and Glowing Skin

When it comes to remaining lean and going for clearer skin, most men focus strictly on calorie restriction, weight loss, and metabolic rate. While these are all important factors, they aren’t the last word in men’s health and skincare. To achieve a leaner physique and maintain glowing skin, it’s time for you to dig a bit deeper.

Use a Moisturizer

That’s right. Moisturizers aren’t just for women. In fact, by following the application guide of a moisturizer, you’ll notice the effects pretty quickly. Often, the application guide will say to use one or two applications a day. Choose products that don’t rely on laboratory animals for scientific review and instead use human subjects to conduct a comprehensive assessment of long-term effects. Moisturizers can even combat the aging process and there are typically few risk factors.

Consider Intermittent Fasting

Fasting goes hand-in-hand with caloric restriction. Fasting has also been tied to impacts on metabolic rate in human subjects. Some studies rely on a control group when reviewing calorie intake and the effect of calorie restriction, especially in fasting scenarios. Frequently, you eliminate calorie intake for a predetermined amount of time each day. Then, a calorie restriction diet gives you a certain amount of freedom as to what you eat.

The intake of energy from eating is balanced out by the increase in metabolic rate provided by fasting. Depending on your body composition, it can lead to weight loss and has been shown to have the potential to reduce susceptibility to heart disease, though there is still much-proposed research on the subject.

Cut Out the Carbs

Perhaps the most popular calorie restriction diet is the ketogenic diet. Going keto means avoiding sugars and carbs. That doesn’t mean you have to say no to pasta. For optimal weight loss, swap out traditional noodles with vegetable noodles or keto-friendly products.

Research projects on the impact of the ketogenic diet on public health are still underway but years of calorie restriction and carb reduction have shown positive benefits for insulin resistance, age-related disease, blood pressure, and the overall aging process. It’s a win-win for men looking to make a larger lifestyle change. Just be ready to follow program-specific instructions.

Avoid Abrasive Washes

Sometimes, it’s easy to go overboard with skincare products. Especially if your skin is impacted by oxidative stress and you don’t have high levels of energy expenditure, you may think it’s in your best interest to go for products that contain high amounts of their active ingredients.

Your body composition might be at odds with a product’s application guide. Talk to a dermatologist to see if you’re eligible for a clinical trial, randomized controlled trial, or a proposed research project for skincare. You may find a new product that works better with your body composition. For simple care products that don’t carry the frustrating side effects, using products by skincare pioneers Mallama is worth the investment. They rely on natural ingredients that you can feel good about using for maximum benefit.

Less In, More Out

This goes back to a fundamental rule of weight loss. Regardless of your body composition, a good rule of thumb (and studies of years of calorie restriction) is to reduce your energy intake and increase your energy expenditure. While calorie restriction can seem frustrating, it’s important to eat whole foods that keep you feeling full.

A comprehensive assessment of the long-term effects of caloric restriction is liable to show you that this method can lead to a positive mean change in your body weight and bettered blood pressure along with other benefits.

Organizations such as Calerie have invested a great amount of time and scientific review of the benefits of calorie restriction in human subjects, showing that it has a great impact on overall public health and well-being. Calerie participants tackle health in a holistic manner that works with your body on a cellular level. Look into a Calerie trial to see how it can benefit you.

If you’re ready to see results without having to completely overhaul your life, these are but a few of the ways you can improve your health and see glowing skin when you look in the mirror.

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