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5 Masturbation Tips You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Masturbation is a pretty amazing activity, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get stale. If you feel like your masturbation routine is getting a bit stale and you’re tired of limiting yourself to the same old porn videos or your own imagination, it might be time to start mixing things up a bit.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a little inventive in your masturbatory adventures — after all, you’re the only one involved so it’s easy to set your own pace and work within your comfort level! Here are five masturbation tips you probably haven’t thought of before. Even trying one or two on this list is bound to take your orgasms to new heights!

Play with speed

Perhaps one of the most basic aspects of masturbation to adjust is speed. Whether that means slowing things down or ramping up the friction, you might be surprised by the way that you react to variations in speed. This tip is perfect for both men and women who may find that things get even more intense when taken at a different pace.

Keep it solo — while inviting a partner to come play

If you aren’t comfortable working your way up to a live partner yet but want to simulate the experience of actual intercourse, a sex doll could be the perfect solution. California Dolls is a website that specializes in high-quality, realistic sex dolls, allowing you to fulfill your every sexual fantasy without needing a living partner.

Perhaps you’ve got a thing for blondes or brunettes — California Dolls has you covered. They’ve thought of everything you could ever want from a doll, even down to the size of your sex doll’s breasts. With discounts available, discreet shipping options, and a payment plan, it’s easier than ever to get the sexual partner of your dreams who’ll be down for anything you can think up.

Check out cam girls and more from a site you can trust

One way to keep your masturbation game fresh is to stay on the cutting edge of all things sex. A website like PUATraining is the perfect destination for this kind of information. Featuring articles about different sex positions and techniques, you’re bound to find helpful information for when you’re flying solo in your bedroom or feel like working your way up to asking out beautiful women by capitalizing on your newly boosted natural game.

PUATraining also has a handy list of the best cam sites on the internet, in case you’re trying to get virtual during your next stroke session. After all, if you’ve ever had a less-than-positive experience on a cam site, you understand completely how different websites can be a total waste of money. Thankfully, PUATraining has weeded out the lame sites from the real winners, allowing you to fully enjoy your masturbation session.

Experiment with the concept of “edging”

While many men and women focus on getting to climax as quickly as possible, some of the most amazing orgasms come from prolonged stimulation and the anticipation of an orgasm. This concept, also known as edging, is thus a great way to level up your masturbating. By taking yourself just to the brink of an orgasm and then cooling things off, when you finally do climax, you’ll be shocked by pleasure you experience.

Stimulate other parts of your body, too

One other way to really take things up a notch is to focus on more than your genitals as you masturbate. For example, inserting a finger (or a sex toy) into your anus while you masturbate could really add some kink to your masturbation sessions. If you aren’t ready to take things that far so soon, start out by rubbing other parts of your body, too. After all, you have two hands for a reason, and stimulating your testicles or breasts could really improve your orgasm!

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