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4 Great Reasons You Should Learn CPR

A medical emergency can pop up out of nowhere, and how we react can make all of the difference in saving someone’s life. This has motivated more people to learn CPR to jump into action in the event of an episode in their presence.

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, combines chest compressions with artificial ventilation to assist patients suffering cardiac arrest until further measures can be done to restore blood circulation and breathing. Here are a few reasons to consider making CPR training a priority in the new year for you and those close to you.

1. Empowerment


With COVID-19 placing restrictions on in-person instruction, you may want to look into an online CPR course. This will provide you not only with online CPR certification but also AED training. AED, or Automated External Defibrillators, are those portable devices you may have spotted at your workplace that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac episode a patient may be experiencing.

While you may associate CPR with an emergency in a public forum, the truth is a majority of cardiac arrest cases actually take place in the home, and involve a family member or friend. You and everyone in your household should consider basic CPR certification courses to prepare for a dire situation.

2. Strength in Numbers


It helps to find yourself in a scenario where multiple people are CPR certified, and able to execute care in a sudden situation. Let’s say you’re in a busy restaurant, and suddenly a patron collapses. Depending on how long it takes for an ambulance to arrive, a single person performing CPR could tire out. That’s where a second certified person could step in and relieve them.

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3. Work Skills


Getting CPR certification or CPR recertification is actually a requirement of some occupations. Employers may require new employees to take online CPR courses for the safety of their coworkers in the event of a medical emergency. It is also worth mentioning on a job application, as these certifications are valued in any workplace and can set your resume apart from the rest of the pack.

Some companies have opted to offer CPR classes through their offices to assure everyone is being trained simultaneously in life-saving practices that could hold over patients until first responders arrive on the scene. It is occasionally done in conjunction with a basic course on workplace law by bringing in an experienced attorney to explain workers’ and employer rights. This legal advice can be saved in the event of an on-the-job incident.

4. It Saves Lives


The greatest benefit of CPR training is plain and simple: It saves lives. Whether you’re a bystander in the mall or in the comfort of your own home, those few minutes waiting for an ambulance are precious. If you are certified in CPR, you can confidently take the lead until first responders arrive.

This confidence in training can give you the boost to handle even a minor injury that could take place in your presence. While it may happen suddenly, do not hesitate to put these skills to work. Some people are CPR certified but are hesitant to use those vital tools out of fear. If you find yourself in such a situation, take a deep breath, call 911, and stick to your training. Who knows? There may be someone else nearby to relieve you if you are still waiting for care.