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3 Mental Health Benefits of Ice Skating

While some sports are strictly winter and summer activities, you can participate in ice skating year-round. While there are, of course, outdoor ice skating rinks, like the ones featured in Christmas movies, there are also plenty of indoor rinks that you can take advantage of as well. Whether you’re wanting to drop a few pounds, just have fun, or sign the kids up for ice skating lessons, ice skating is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family while getting exercise and having fun. 

In today’s world, many more people are worried about their physical health, than they are their mental health, not realizing that both are extremely important to your overall condition. There are plenty of sufferers of mental health problems who are seeing therapists on a weekly basis, sometimes more. While it’s important to find the right therapist to meet your needs, it’s important to get out and do things that will improve your mental health as well. 

So, once you’re done finding the right therapist for you at WithTherapy, try ice skating on for size. WithTherapy can help you find the right therapist to meet your needs, but don’t stop there. Get out there and try ice skating to improve your health as well. Not only does ice skating have physical health benefits, but it also has mental ones, so why not give it a try?

Skating Can Be Portable

The first thing to note is that you don’t have to travel for miles to find a good old-fashioned ice skating rink. In today’s modern world, it’s possible to rent a portable ice skating rink instead. Whether you’re holding an annual Christmas party or just want to give the kids, and yourself something to do on their holiday break, a portable rink can be fun and healthy at the same time. Get your exercise by renting an ice skating rink today. 

Now that you know where to get an ice skating rink from, let’s move into the mental health benefits associated with ice skating for your perusal. 

Skate To Relieve Stress

Most everyone knows that stress not only affects you physically but mentally also. Ice skating is a great way to relieve the stress that comes not only with everyday life but with having a mental disorder as well.  Ice skating lets you forget your worries for a while. There are two ways this can work for you. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be too busy trying to learn to ice skate to worry about your depression. Two, if you’re an expert, then you’ll be too busy enjoying your time on the ice to worry about that looming deadline. 

Skate To Feel Confident

Many times when you’re mentally drained or depressed, your self-confidence takes a drastic hit. Ice skating is said to be able to give you that much-needed boost of confidence. It’s not going to change your life in an instant, but going from barely moving along the ice as a beginner to gliding along gracefully as you learn is certainly a confidence booster like no other. 

Skate To Find Joy

The best mental health benefit of ice skating is the endorphins it releases in the brain. Even if you’re depressed when you get out on the ice, it won’t be long before happy chemicals are released and you’re sailing along the ice as happy as you can be. 

These are just a few of the mental health benefits that ice skating can bring to the table. If you’re depressed or stressed or just want to have fun with friends and family, try ice skating today.

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